How to measure


How to measure your dog for a harness dress /vest

To measure you will need a soft tape measure (not a steel one) and it is best to have your dog standing up squarely and measure in cm.  The chest/girth measurement is taking the tape measure right around under your dog’s body at the fullest point in a complete circle a few cm behind your dog’s front legs (C-D on the diagram above). Measure loosely allowing 2 fingers either side for ease ( as you would a collar) If the dog measures towards the top end of the range of harness size, and depending on dog’s sex, age and breed, it may be worth considering ordering a size larger, please call for advice.

**Bull breeds and deeper chested breeds may need a bespoke fit, please read below  if you have a dog that falls into this category such as (but not limited to) Daschunds, Staffies, Dogue Du Bordeaux, Pugs, Cross Breeds, etc





How to measure for a dog collar:

A-B on image above. Simply take the tape measure right round in a circle to get correct size. A dog collar should not be too tight, make sure you can get two fingers under the collar comfortably when fitted. allow for this when considering size.


How to measure for Denimz